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Pick up the prescription from a pharmacy of your choice.

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Sinus Infection

Also known as Sinusitis, sinus infections refer to swelling or inflammation of the tissue that lines the sinuses. When the sinuses are blocked, the germs and fluid in them can cause infections. Treatment leads to quick improvements in comfort and alleviates pain.

Schedule a consultation with our healthcare professionals to treat your infection.


Dandruff refers to a condition where white scales of dead skin are shed from the scalp (these shed scales are also known as dandruff). Dandruff can lead to itchy scalps and make one’s hair look unclean and unsightly. If you repeatedly see dandruff on your hair, our healthcare professionals are here to help.

Birth Control

Birth control helps prevent or temporarily delay pregnancy. This includes hormonal birth control, barrier birth control, or emergency contraception. Other common methods of birth control include:

· IUD: an intrauterine T-shaped device that fits inside the uterus of a woman, lowering the chances of pregnancy to less than 1 percent.

· Vasectomy: a routine procedure that prevents pregnancy by blocking sperms from entering the semen when ejaculating.

· Tubal ligation: a surgical procedure that ties the fallopian tubes of a woman.

· Birth control implants: devices that release hormones by going under the skin to prevent pregnancy.

Online consultation for birth control at GetCareMD starts at just $39. All you need to do is choose your health concern and respond to brief questions. GetCareMD’s medical professional will then get started by reviewing your medical history and provided information after the birth control consultation online session, and get back to you within an hour with a solution for managing birth control.


As the hair follicles begin to trap and dead skin cells, pustules, papules, blackheads, and whiteheads start to develop. This is commonly referred to as acne. Acne is harmless, but it can be slightly painful in general and more so with deeper acne. It can lead to self-esteem and other social issues for people. In many cases, acne can go away on its own, but with the proper treatment, you can ensure that it fades away properly. Not getting acne treatment can cause some of the scars to remain prominent later on.

You can get online consultation for acne at GetCareMD for as low as $39. Simply select the option for online consultation for acne and answer some of the questions. Within one hour, GetCareMD’s health care consultant will get in touch with you, recommending you the necessary techniques and solutions to help treat your acne.