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Birth Control

What It Is

What is

Birth Control

Birth control helps prevent or temporarily delay pregnancy. This includes hormonal birth control, barrier birth control, or emergency contraception. Other common methods of birth control include:

· IUD: an intrauterine T-shaped device that fits inside the uterus of a woman, lowering the chances of pregnancy to less than 1 percent.

· Vasectomy: a routine procedure that prevents pregnancy by blocking sperms from entering the semen when ejaculating.

· Tubal ligation: a surgical procedure that ties the fallopian tubes of a woman.

· Birth control implants: devices that release hormones by going under the skin to prevent pregnancy.

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Our Treatment

Typical Treatments Include

We offer multiple oral contraceptives, including estrogen and progestin combination pills as well as progestin-only birth control, depending on your individual requirements and needs.