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Medication Refills


Why Choose GetCareMD

A lot of us require daily medication, or some form of prescription, and medical care that leads to regular trips to the doctor’s office. But not all of us have time to visit our healthcare providers, wait in lines, or deal with the process of getting our prescriptions refilled. GetCareMD makes all this quick and easy and at your convenience. The best part? You can do this from your computer, or your phone. Just call our team for a prescription, and you’re all set!

The GetCareMD team works tirelessly to simplify the process of prescription refills, and make it more accessible because we understand the challenges it comes with. Technology enables us to do pretty much anything online, and with the help of our team of medical professionals, we’re dedicated to keeping your prescription refills accessible and updated. We know the stress and frenzy of moving your schedule around, but with our help, you can rest assured that consulting with healthcare providers and to have your prescriptions refilled has never been this quick or easy.

Schedule an online consultation to get your prescription refills from the comfort of your home.

It’s just like visiting your doctor’s office—without the actual trip!

What Medications do We Prescribe?

Similar to consulting with your provider in their office or clinic, our online consultations enable you to review your current medications and obtain refills. So long as your chosen pharmacy has filled your prescription medication in the last six months, our refills are valid for use. If your prescription meets these requirements, choose from the following options.

Choose a Refill Type