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3 Trends That Will Shape the Telehealth Industry in 2021

3 Trends That Will Shape the Telehealth Industry in 2021

Many Americans were reluctant to trust telehealth services before the pandemic. However, they have realized its true potential since the outbreak of the pandemic. The CDC reported a 154% increase in telehealth just a few weeks after the lockdown measures in the U.S. While hospitals and clinics struggled to respond to the crisis, telehealth services helped many people stay in touch with doctors and take care of their health while stuck at their homes.

Experts believe that telehealth services should not be seen as a temporary solution, and rather it is important to consider them as a better alternative to America’s declining healthcare industry. The stats suggest that telemedicine will have an estimated worth of over $66 billion by the end of this year. Let us explore some important trends that are going to shape the telehealth industry this year.

Health Services
Everyone has a smartphone at all times. Telehealth companies are investing in creating different apps and platforms to make the best use of mobile technology. It is estimated that the global mHealth market size will continue to increase, and hence we can expect many new mHealth start-ups this year.

Greater Security and Privacy
One of the concerns of most people using telehealth services is the confidentiality of their data. People are worried if their data can be misused or they can fall victim to cybercrimes. Experts have warned against the increasing risk of cyberattacks associated with the increasing telehealth services.

To respond to these concerns, telehealth services are making efforts to improve their networks and online platforms’ security. We can expect more end-to-end encrypted apps to connect patients with their virtual doctors this year.

Use of Artificial Intelligence
AI-powered technology can play a vital role in the telehealth revolution. Telehealth companies are working on providing AI-based healthcare chatbots that can help save a lot of time and resources. Patients can fill in their necessary details, such as symptoms and concerns, and these chatbots can aid the process of virtual diagnosis.

Recently, the FDA also approved an AI-based diagnostic device capable of examining a patient’s eye to analyze possible signs of diabetic retinopathy. We can expect many more similar devices to be introduced this year.

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