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4 Myths about Online Doctor Consultations Debunked

Spreading rapidly in different waves across international borders, the coronavirus has created a global public health crisis. One of the primary ways to mitigate the spread of this virus is to transition to telehealth services. Statistics show that the once ignored telehealth services have soared to 154% due to the current pandemic. Doctors can now observe and assess your medical conditions at your convenience with a simple click in the comfort of your home.

Countries like the U.S, China, and the European Union are promoting telehealth as a part of their response to COVID-19. Although increasing in popularity, many people are still skeptical about these services. This is mainly due to the myths that are tied around the subject. Here are some common myths to steer clear of:

Myth #1: Online Consultations Are For People Who Live Far From Hospitals

Although online medical services are ideal for people without easy access to hospitals, the option isn’t limited to strata. Whether you live in the city or suburbs, you can avail online medical services and seek assistance whenever needed. You no longer have to stand in queues or skip work for a doctor’s appointment. These online consultations as scheduled based on your convince and availability. From common conditions to chronic problems, an online doctor will help you find a suitable treatment plan.

Myth 2: Online Consultations Are Costlier

There’s no denying that video consultations were pricier in the past due to the extensive hardware required. However, with fast-paced technology, connectivity is no longer an issue. You can connect with doctors from across cities and states and still receive high-quality consultations. All you need is a microphone, speaker, a camera, and internet connection installed in smartphones and laptops. So, online consultations are cheaper than physical appointments. You no longer have to spend on travel costs as well.

Myth #3: Online Healthcare Are For Urgent Situations

Telehealth services can be a lifesaver in emergencies, especially when traveling to see a doctor might not be possible. However, you can use this for all kinds of problems, whether it’s mental health issues like anxiety and depression, chronic conditions like asthma and hypertension, or common problems like cold and flu. You’ll always find a doctor available to help assess the problem and develop a customized treatment plan for you.

Myth #4: Online Consultations aren’t Secure

This is one of the most common issues, especially since cybercrimes are on the rise. Patients are afraid that their private medical information can be leaked and can fall into the wrong hands. Reliable and top-quality online medical services will have a special privacy policy to ensure confidential data safety. For example, GetCareMD is mandated by HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), so you can rest assured your private and confidential information is protected.

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