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4 Reasons Not to Have the Occasional Snack

Who doesn’t love slipping in a slice of a delicious chocolate cake after work or having a packet of crispy salty chips now and then? There’s no doubt about how good these snacks taste.

Although some people belong to a certain age group that is young enough to handle frequent snacking without facing health consequences, several older people and those with certain underlying health conditions cannot handle it the same way the younger ones do.

It’s important for older people and those with underlying health problems to stop eating those occasional snacks to avoid facing long-term consequences.

1. Risk of Weight Gain
Snack foods are usually highly processed and contain more fat. As compared to other nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates, fats have almost twice as many calories per gram. This can contribute to a lot of weight gain that can go on to cause numerous other health problems including heart diseases.

2. Replaces Regular Meals
Constant snacking will ruin your appetite and you won’t be able to adjust your regular meals into your diet if you’re already stuffed with the snacks that you had before. Your body requires an adequate amount of protein, carbs, healthy fats, and other important vitamins and minerals to function optimally. Without these, you’ll encounter several health problems.

The issue with snacks is that they don’t contribute to proper nutrition. These are calorie-dense foods that lack nutritional value. Not only will you be missing out on vital macros and micros, but you’ll be also want to eat more because you may not feel full with the usual serving sizes of these snacks.

3. Risk of High Blood Pressure
The sodium content in some snacks can also be quite harmful to your health. Consuming high amounts of sodium is medically proven to cause blood pressure to rise.

High blood pressure is the root of many health problems; some of which can be detrimental to one’s health depending on their medical history and other underlying conditions.

4. Skin Problems
Unusual eating patterns and calorie-dense foods can cause problems the hormonal balance in your body. This might be one of the reasons you’re breaking out or noticing sporadic weight gain.

An occasional snack here and there doesn’t hurt, but you should always keep your age and health in mind and whether you’ll be able to burn off those calories effectively. Otherwise, your health will severely deteriorate.

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