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5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Appointment in 2021

5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Appointment in 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought along major changes; schools, businesses, and the healthcare sector are now successfully operating online. Did you know that previously ignored telehealth services increased by 154% within few weeks after the pandemic?

However, according to a survey conducted in 2020, 1,441 out of 2000 respondents were still unaware of virtual appointments and the availability of telehealth services. Regular checkups are necessary to help you and your loved ones fit and healthy. Here are some reasons why you should consider a virtual appointment in 2021:

1.   Maintain Social Distance
Since different variants of COVID-19 have been detected, it’s more important now than ever to keep yourself safe by following all SOPs. As mentioned by researchers, the vaccine cannot help keep you virus-free but will only help reduce the severity of the symptoms if you catch it.

Keeping this in mind, it’s essential to maintain social distance and avoid all crowded areas. Hospitals are hubs for virus transmission; avoiding physical visits would be best barring an emergency. But this doesn’t mean you ignore any health-related issues; a virtual doctor can help diagnose the problem and provide an effective treatment online. This ensures you safely get the right medical care.

2.   Easily Accessible
According to a global survey, 74% of patients said they preferred health care services that were easily accessible compared to face-to-face sessions. You can book and attend a virtual appointment from any location.

Whether you’re at work, in a park, or even in the cab, you can access the platform through your mobile device, tablet, or even laptop. Say goodbye to waiting in long lines for your turn or skipping work for in-person appointments. All you need is a stable internet connection and a suitable device.

3.   More Privacy
With virtual appointments, you no longer have to worry about being seen at a clinic, when wanting to keep your medical consultations private. In virtual appointments, you can simply connect with your doctor in comfort and privacy.

A reputed healthcare service provider will also have a special privacy policy to ensure 100% confidentiality and protection of your data and the conversation you share with the doctor. Discuss all health matters freely, without the fear of being judged.

4.   Customized Care Plans
Virtual appointments offer a patient-centered approach ensuring top-quality care. You can address any healthcare issue immediately with the help of health care providers online and access a customized treatment plan within minutes. Studies show that patients who have used telehealth services have 38% fewer hospital admissions and score lower for common mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

5.   Cost-Effective
Virtual appointments cost the same as traditional appointments minus the cost of gasoline, subway fair or taxi charges. You won’t have to worry about rushing to reach your destination on time; simply connect in an easy, hassle-free manner.

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