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6 Food Sources For Good Cholesterol

6 Food Sources For Good Cholesterol

Most of us tend to associate negativity with the word cholesterol. When in fact, this word can have a negative as well as a positive intonation. The kind of cholesterol that is bad for our health is called LDL, and we’re meant to avoid foods high in LDL to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol in the blood. On the other hand, HDL is the category of cholesterol that is healthy for our body and is referred to as “good cholesterol.” Here are a few foods you should add to your diet to increase good cholesterol in your blood.

1. Olive oil
The healthy fat present in olive oil tends to reduce the inflammatory impact caused by LDL on your heart. The use of extra virgin olive oil in moderate amounts is the key to having a balanced diet. Seek out high cholesterol consultation online and understand your dietary needs better.

2. Soluble Fiber
The soluble fiber found in beans, lentils, and legumes is an important component of a healthy diet. Try to incorporate dry beans instead of canned beans into your diet, as it can be twice as beneficial for your health.

3. Fibrous fruits and whole grains
Apples, pears, and many other fiber-rich foods are known to decrease LDL and increase HDL in your body. Whole grains, including bran and brown rice, are also known for the same function. Replace your unhealthy snacks with high-fiber fruits, and you will see a positive change in your cholesterol levels. Through online high cholesterol consultation, you can discuss more ways to manage your blood cholesterol with your doctor.

4. Nuts
Many nuts contain “Plant sterols,” which is a substance that hinders the absorption of bad cholesterol in our body. Here is a list of some healthy nuts that are rich in fiber and can help lower your cholesterol levels:

·       Almond

·       Pistachio

·       Walnuts

·       Cashews

·       Pecans

·       Macadamia Nuts

·       Brazil Nuts

·       Peanuts

·       Hazelnuts


6.  Fish
Fish rich in omega-3 and good fat tends to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. These include:

·       salmon

·       sardines

·       albacore tuna

·       rainbow trout

·       mackerel

Including omega-3 rich fish in your weekly diet is much more beneficial than taking an omega-3 supplement daily.

Ask a doctor via online medical consultation at Get Care MD about more ways to incorporate healthy fats in your diet.