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6 Ways Telemedicine is Saving Small Hospitals

The covid-19 pandemic has hit every economic sector hard. Healthcare is one of the many sectors that have struggled with infrastructure and resources management. The medical staff has had to work day in and day out during the crisis. The sector hit particularly severely is small healthcare providers. Online healthcare services emerged as the savior of this sector last year. Telemedicine has shown a promising positive impact in helping small hospitals cope with the Covid-19 crisis; here’s how.

A wide range of facilities
Small hospitals were able to offer video consultations by doctors for a variety of medical provisions. From something as simple as online consultation for constipation to online consultation for acne was made available by many hospitals. Remote pre-surgical care to post-surgical monitoring; everything was offered by hospitals without doctors having to meet patients in person.

Managing patient overload
With the help of off-site medical staff, small clinics and hospitals were able to manage heavy patient loads throughout the pandemic. This enabled the hospitals to manage their services without exhausting their resources and capacity.

Post-discharge follow up
When hospitals were swarmed with new patients every day, the ones who were discharged failed to get the required post-operative care. Doctors were able to cater to these patients via video consultation, which enabled their speedy recovery despite not being able to visit doctors physically.

Family involvement made possible
Family members that were stranded across cities or countries could be present for virtual doctor appointments when needed. This made the process of self-management of many illnesses much easier for patients.

Saving waiting time
A crowded waiting room at a hospital could potentially derail the Covid-19 precautionary measures. Patients were saved from having to sit in waiting rooms with the help of online healthcare services.

Online Prescriptions
With online healthcare services, patients were able to get refill prescriptions without seeing a doctor. This helped many chronically ill patients and post-op individuals continue their treatment without having to leave their homes.

Patient Retention
Most small hospitals were unable to cope with the extreme strain on their resources during the crisis. This resulted in many patients opting for other medical providers, leading small hospitals to suffer financially. With online medical consultation, Get Care MD helps hospitals retain their patients and helps the local medical community thrive; visit us to set an appointment today.