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7 Common Causes of Anxiety

The number of Americans that seek out medical care for anxiety keeps rising each year. People from almost every financial and familial background have reported feeling anxious at one time or another. The illness seems to affect more and more people, which urges us to understand the causes of the problem. Here are 7 of the most common reasons you or your loved ones might experience anxiety.

1. The Role of Genetics
Like almost every other mental illness, some of us are genetically predisposed to experiencing anxiety more than others. Having a parent or other member in the family struggling with anxiety increases your chances of developing the disorder yourself. Get online consultation for anxiety if you notice any symptoms and get your treatment started.

2. Personality Traits
People who tend to avoid social interaction or have a shy nature have also reported feeling anxious more on average. A person who is a perfectionist in terms of school grades or office work is more likely to experience anxiety as well.

3. Childhood Trauma
People raised in a stressful environment or those who experienced childhood trauma have a higher chance of developing anxiety. The symptoms could appear well into adulthood or even during childhood in some cases.

4. Lifestyle Changes
Moving to a new home or switching to a new job is also likely to cause some degree of stress or anxiety in people of all ages. Get anxiety consultation online by medical professionals and find out the contributing factors for anxiety in your case.

5. Becoming a Parent
Couples going through a major transition such as having a kid can feel themselves getting anxious at times. Especially mothers are much more likely to experience anxiety after going through pregnancy and childbirth.

6. Chronic Pain
Certain illnesses can often expose a person to prolonged pain, such as joint or muscle pain which might result in anxiety as well. Pain relief consultation online can help these patients manage their pain and, in turn, control their anxiety.

7. Chronic Physical Illness
Chronic illnesses and their treatment can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. People dealing with diabetes, asthma, or hypertension tend to develop anxiety secondary to these illnesses. Seek out online consultation for hypertension and other chronic illnesses at Get Care MD and start your recovery today.