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Common Reasons for Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common conditions experienced by people around the world. Although an occasional headache isn’t a major cause for concern, frequent headaches should be given medical attention at the earliest.

Headaches can also be classified into different categories, and each kind may have different factors that trigger it. Here are what those different classifications are, and what the underlying reasons may be behind them.

Different Kinds of Headaches & their Reasons
Although there are several kinds of headaches that people suffer, here are some of the most common ones:

Tension Headaches
As the name suggests, these types of headaches are caused when a person is surrounded by negative thoughts and stress. This leads to the person experiencing pain in the head and adjoining muscles such as the neck and shoulders.

Although the symptoms of this kind of headache don’t expand beyond physical pain, it can still be problematic for the person. Several factors can potentially trigger this type of headache, some of which include:

·        Emotional stress

·        Dental problems

·        Smoking

·        Alcohol usage

Migraine is a relatively different kind of headache that usually occurs in stages, can last for days and sometimes even weeks, and can be quite severe for some people. It can sometimes be identified before it occurs, as the person starts to experience certain changes to their vision and other senses.

Migraine triggers can vary from person to person, although the most common reasons for it are:

·        Stress

·        Dehydration

·        Flashing lights

·        Sunlight

·        Bad odors

This kind of headache usually brings with it a few symptoms that can be quite problematic for the person. The pain area expands to the cheekbones and the nose. It doesn’t occur out of the blue; it usually happens when mucus buildup gets too much to handle. This results in causing the person unbearable pain, possibly coupled with a loss of smell.

An infection or an allergy is the main cause of a sinus headache.

It may also be confused with a migraine. Thus, the symptoms must be properly assessed to apply the relevant remedies. For this, getting online medical consultation will be the best option.

Hormonal Headaches
Hormonal headaches occur in women for the most part. These happen when women’s bodies are undergoing hormonal changes, which is a natural process and is not necessarily a cause for concern.

Although there are no major triggers, the usage of birth control pills and pregnancy affect a woman’s estrogen levels and that leads to a hormonal headache.

Exertion Headaches
A person who’s involved in any kind of rigorous activity might suffer from exertion headaches. The increased level of blood flow activity in the body, especially the skull, causes the person to experience physical pain on both sides of the head.

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