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How Has the Pandemic Changed the Dynamics of the Healthcare Industry?

How Has the Pandemic Changed the Dynamics of the Healthcare Industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for many professionals to shift to online platforms; among them are the healthcare workers. Studies show that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the growth of telemedicine globally.

Many people in the United States are now putting their trust in this new way of healthcare, which is evident by various reports. 71% of Americans consider telemedicine an option, while 83% of patients expect it to continue being important after the pandemic is over.

We can say that the virtual revolution is here, and it’s all because of the pandemic.

Online healthcare services on the rise

Telemedicine was a familiar concept for everyone before the pandemic ravaged communities. However, various preventive measures – including practicing social distancing – mean that it’s becoming a growing need.

There are a lot of benefits for patients and doctors alike. Patients save on travelling costs since they can have a virtual appointment with a doctor from the comfort of their homes. Patients also have more choices of doctors to choose from, as geographical restrictions do not bind them. Doctors can also reach a wider population and provide online medical consultations.

However, the most important benefit is that patients are less exposed to the transmission of the virus by not having to sit in the doctor’s clinic/waiting room, which is one of the likeliest places contributing to the spread of the illness.

Efficient supply chain being at the forefront

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of shortages for essential medical types of equipment like PPE. It led hospitals to have a good look at their supply chains. Due to the rapidly increasing demand for medical equipment, it became apparent that newer suppliers would be needed so that these kinds of shortages do not happen again.

This has made local production of PPE a viable option. Hospitals will now have lower costs and lower risk of a shortage if an unfortunate time like the current pandemic comes again.

Easing the financial burden

It is a fact that the American healthcare system is quite abysmal. Most Americans can’t afford to get health insurance. Even those with insurance incur substantial costs.

Online medical services can allow hospitals to reduce their overhead costs significantly, and that can help ease the financial burden which patients have to bear.

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