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How to Build a Good Doctor-Patient Relationship in an Online Setting

How to Build a Good Doctor-Patient Relationship in an Online Setting

The COVID-19 pandemic has confined most of us in our homes and limited all of our outdoor activities. But one thing which is given a free route to grow is everything online. The healthcare industry is not far behind. More than 70% of Americans now consider telemedicine an option for themselves.

Here are some ways you can make sure your next online doctor consultation goes smoothly.

First Step: Be Punctual
The last thing a doctor wants is to have their schedule messed up and their patients having to wait longer than they are supposed to. Thus, you must be available at your scheduled time.

Through online medical consultations, doctors can see more patients. This will make it harder for you to reschedule an appointment if you aren’t on time for your appointment. So be smart and ready on time!

Second Step: Making Sure your Internet is Working
A virtual doctor appointment has numerous benefits. However, there is one risk: a poor internet connection. A doctor may require you to turn on your video to have a proper look. You need to ensure your internet is good enough for that.

Make sure you have the charger for your laptop, headphones for the video call, etc. so that your call with them is seamless.

Third Step: Having the Right Information
Telemedicine has a lot of benefits, but it has some challenges as well. One of those is being able to describe your condition and symptoms to your doctor accurately. This will make sure you are diagnosed correctly. Misdiagnosis is a serious issue, so you must ensure you communicate the correct information to the doctor.

Clear communication is critical in this aspect, so make sure you don’t let your doctor down by not fully communicating to them how you feel.

Fourth Step: No Distractions
Being in a distraction-free environment is very important. A doctor won’t be able to assess you properly if that isn’t the case.

Fifth Step: Maintaining Your Medical History
After you’re done with the online doctor’s appointment, you need to update your file containing your medical history. This will make it easier for your doctor to continue where they left off the last time if it’s a recurring illness.

These are all the elements in the checkbox for a good doctor-patient relationship, and you should preferably tick them all. Our expert doctors at GetCareMD guarantee to make your online consultation for pink eye experience a smooth one. Book your appointment with us through email or phone.