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How To Take Care of Your Allergies

Allergy Treatments - How To Take Care of Your Allergies

According to NCBI, the prevalence of allergic reactions has substantially increased over the last decade. However, there are no definite answers to why the rate of allergic reactions is increasing. So what can people do if their allergies are striking them harder than ever, or for the very first time?  Here are some ways to cope.

Be Sure it’s An Allergic Reaction

Abrupt weather changes can make it difficult to differentiate between a cold or virus and an allergic reaction. If your congestion stays more than 14 days, if you feel an itch around your nose, eyes, and top of your mouth, if your mucus gets thinner and clearer, this probably means it’s an allergic reaction.

Get Medicine for Symptom Relief

OTC drugs may not work well if the allergic symptoms worsen. You may require advanced medication to get relief. Over the shelf decongestants may help with a stuffy nose, and itching and sniffles can be tackled with antihistamines.  If the indicated dosage doesn’t work, it can signify that your metabolism isn’t matching with medication. If nothing helps, consider seeing an allergy expert who can change your current prescription with longer-acting medication or can give you immunotherapy shots.

Try Salt Water

If you don’t like the foggy and tired feeling after taking your allergy medication, go for a saline-based nasal rinse. Moreover, gargling with warm salt water can soothe your scratchy and sore throat. You can repeat it twice or thrice a day to ease congestions throughout the allergy season.

Change Your Clothes and Shoes as Soon as You Reach Home
Dragging allergens around your house isn’t a good idea. These things can cause your allergies to act up continuously. Put your clothes carefully in the hamper and get rid of your shoes before getting inside your house. A shower after that will ensure the removal of any leftover pollen from your hair and body.

Know What Triggers Your Allergies

Understand what you’re allergic to. If it’s pollen, turn on your air conditioner and keep your windows closed. On the contrary, If you are allergic to mold and dust, open those windows and allow fresh air inside.

Take it Seriously

You may ignore your lingering headache or nasal congestion, thinking they’re just allergies. Contrary to common knowledge, allergies can take a huge toll on your health if left untreated. Take a sick day and go to bed if you feel unwell instead of going to work. Overexerting yourself while your allergies are acting up will only worsen the situation.

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