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Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases globally, impacting almost half of all adults in the US. Many people who have the disease don’t get diagnosed until it gets worse and they start experiencing adverse symptoms.

Hypertension is characterized by an increase in the amount of blood pressure in the blood vessels. If the patient doesn’t get a hypertension consultation, it can lead to several life-threatening diseases, including heart disease – the most common cause of death globally.

It also increases the risk of heart attack, heart stroke, heart failure, and brain aneurysms.


Scroll down to read the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Hypertension.




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Causes of Hypertension
Hypertension that is not caused by some other disease is called essential hypertension. Whereas when some other disease causes hypertension, it’s called secondary hypertension.

Primary hypertension may be caused by one or several different factors. These factors include:

●      Stress

●      Lack of exercise

●      Blood plasma volume

●      Use of certain medications that affect blood volume and blood pressure




Secondary hypertension can be caused and worsened by one or more underlying diseases that include:

●      chronic kidney disease (CKD)

●      diabetes

●      hypothyroidism

●      sleep apnea

●      hyperparathyroidism

●      pregnancy

●      obesity


Chronic kidney disease is the most common cause of hypertension. Other risk factors include age, use of alcohol and tobacco, high-salt and high-fat diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. Men have a slightly higher risk of developing the disease than women.

Symptoms of Hypertension
While you have hypertension, you may not experience any symptoms. A lot of people discover that they have hypertension after they experience their first heart attack. For this reason, hypertension is often termed the “silent killer.”


This is tragic because hypertension is treatable, with many preventable complications. The only reliable way to know if you have hypertension is by having your blood pressure checked by a medical professional. Although most people do not experience any symptoms, the following start appearing when the disease gets severe.

●      Excessive sweating

●      Sleeping problems

●      Unnatural Blushing

●      Anxiety


If the disease reaches a critically severe stage, the person may experience nosebleeds and headaches. However, the absence of these symptoms doesn’t offer any guarantee that you don’t have high blood pressure. If you’re an adult, you should get your blood pressure checked by a medical professional to know for sure.

Treatment of Hypertension
Lifestyle changes are among the first-line treatments to lower blood pressure. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, your doctor may recommend regular physical exercise. Stress reduction may also help hypertension.


Depending on the severity of the disease and considering other factors, your doctor may prescribe medication. Medications commonly used to treat hypertension have little to no side effects.




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However, the most effective treatment of hypertension can only be done through early diagnosis. Many people avoid getting doctor consultations as it can be expensive and inaccessible in certain regions.


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