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Online Doctor For Pink Eye

Can A Virtual Doctor Diagnose Pink Eyes?

Yes. Pink eye may be diagnosed online by looking at your symptoms and asking you questions. Pink eyes can be caused by a virus, a bacterial infection, or an allergic reaction.

You may meet with a top online doctor, be diagnosed, and receive the therapy you require with our same-day pink eye treatment service. Our experts can diagnose pink eye and recommend the best treatment option for you. Pink eye treatment can vary depending on the sort of illness you have. Viral pink eye frequently resolves on its own with rest. Antibiotics will be required to treat bacterial pink eye. When the source of irritation is removed, allergic pink eye generally resolves on its own.

Medical Treatment

Conjunctivitis usually resolves without medical intervention. If the reason is viral, a doctor would advise you to treat the symptoms at home. If it is an allergy or irritant, the individual should also strive to avoid the chemical that is causing the response. If the doctor detects a bacterial illness, antibiotics may be prescribed. Some doctors give antibiotic eye drops or other preparations just in case, but they are not guaranteed to assist. Antibiotics will not aid in the treatment of a viral illness. Return to the doctor if your symptoms do not improve with therapy, or if you are experiencing discomfort or blurred vision.

GETCAREMD Online Consultation Service

Follow these helpful hints to make the most of your stay.

• Choose a calm and secluded location for your visit.

• Indicate to your provider if the visit is for you or your kid.

• Be as precise as possible about your concerns, symptoms, and inquiries.

• Maintain your attention and follow any post-visit instructions that are given.

How Do We Treat Pink Eye On The Internet?

Our qualified practitioners will deliver a doctor’s prescription online to your local pharmacy in roughly an hour with a simple online visit.

Pink Eyes Medical Treatment

1. Answer questions: you’ll be answering the same questions you’d hear at a doctor’s office online.

2. Video call: A video call can assist confirm your condition. During the interview, it will be easier to detect the cause of pink eye.

3. Expert consultation: Your symptoms are used to make a diagnosis by certified practitioners.

4. Prompt treatment: Within an hour, a prescription will be dispatched to the pharmacy of your choice.

What You Will Receive After Your Online Consultation?

  • A pink eye prescription

Prescription drops are frequently all that is required to treat pink eye. We’ll send an antibiotic prescription to your pharmacist and give helpful hints to alleviate the crusty, goopy symptoms.

  • Follow-up message

We’ll check in to ensure that your strategy is proceeding as planned. If it does not work for you, follow-up treatment and any necessary modifications are provided at no cost.

  • School Leave note

Schools and daycares frequently want documentation that therapy began. You may print the memo directly from your account. Everyone returns to their day a bit quicker!