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The Benefits of Regular Checkups and treatment for Individuals Struggling with Depression

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One of the leading health issues faced by Americans is depression. Depression can affect people regardless of their gender or age. Symptoms of depression include concentration impairment, lack of interest, a constant feeling of guilt, low energy level, and changes in sleep and appetite. Due to the stigma surrounding mental illness, most people are reluctant to talk about depression—even with their doctors openly.

Depression is High Priority

The United States Preventive Services Task Force has made recommendations for doctors to regularly screen patients for depression and incorporate screening for depression in regular annual health checkups. Based on the census from NCBI, the percentage of Americans with depression significantly increased from 8.7% in 2018 to 14.4% in April 2020. Here are some of the benefits that can be achieved from regular checkups and treatment of depression patients. Here are two primary benefits of regular checkups and treatment for individuals struggling with depression.

Relieve Distress

Depression screening can help people with undiagnosed depression to get the care and treatment that they require. It allows people to share the pain and negative feelings that they are experiencing. This will ensure that a person won’t fall through the crack untreated. Expert intervention during the early stages of the onset of depression is imperative.

Integrate Physical and Mental Healthcare

Physical and mental health are closely interlinked. Unmanaged and untreated behavioral health issues can worsen and can result in physical illness. It can become harder for a person with depression to eat healthy meals and stay active. Having a physician who can integrate mental and physical health can benefit such people. Identification of mental issues at an earlier stage increases the effectiveness of the given treatment.

Depression is just as crucial as several common but dangerous physical illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. Therefore, screening is of great importance, especially since mental health conditions like depression can take a noticeable toll on your body. It is important that every American takes an active stance and question their health care providers about their mental health.

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