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The Impact Of Telehealth On Primary Care Patients and Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare services. Due to its highly contagious nature, healthcare practitioners have turned to telehealth to provide online consultation services to their patients.

The self-isolation precautions have also made people rely on virtual doctors. According to a study, the number of telehealth visits in the U.S. increased by 50% during the first quarter of 2020. Additionally, a study by McKinsey & Company shows that about 76% of Americans showed interest in using telehealth services compared to only 11% in last year.

Let us look at the impact of telehealth on healthcare services.

Providing Accessible Healthcare To Patients

With the constant rise in COVID-19 figures, online healthcare services became a need of the hour. The patients could easily consult their doctors online to seek medical advice for chronic diseases and medical conditions.

The patient also doesn’t have to wait for a month to get an appointment. At the same time, doctors can offer their services to people from all over the state via virtual appointments.

Most importantly, both the patient and doctor aren’t exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

A Cost-Effective Solution For Patients

Healthcare can be extremely costly, especially when you have to spend extra money to see a doctor.

Telehealth brings down the cost of traveling for patients as they can consult their doctor online on their phone and any other digital device. Moreover, patients are also less likely to miss appointments because they can simply consult with the doctor using their digital devices.

Reducing the Financial Cost For Healthcare Facilities

Telehealth also reduces the cost of medical equipment for doctors and medical centers. As most patients shift to virtual consultations, medical facilities and clinics don’t have to keep up with patient relocation expenses.

Incentives for Healthcare Providers

Before COVID-19, healthcare practitioners weren’t compensated for online consultation the way they would be for in-person visits. However, with clinics closing down, telehealth became the only viable way for treating patients.

Today, healthcare providers are getting stable incomes and incentives because of the expanding reach of telehealth.

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