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Trichomoniasis – Everything You Need To Know

Trichomoniasis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention – GetCareMD

Trichomoniasis: Understanding, Treating, and Preventing

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are common in the lives of people- whether you are single or married. Along with Chymydia, there is another common STD called trichomoniasis. With the right treatment and medicine, this STD can easily get cured. GetCareMD offers you quick, private online consultations as well as treatment recommendations for STDs like trichomoniasis.

Trichomoniasis Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention - GetCareMDSince we are aware not everyone is comfortable doing an STD check-up in person, GetCareMD provides online consultation for trichomoniasis. Patients may get therapy from the security of their homes thanks to our end-to-end encrypted technology, which ensures that none of their information or conversation with the doctor will get exposed. To know more about trichomoniasis- what causes it, its signs, and its cure, continue reading this article!

What is Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis, also called Trich, is a common sexually transmitted disease. Trichomonas vaginalis is a one-celled parasite that is present during intercourse. It is the source of this STD. The parasite is the main cause of the infection spread through semen or vaginal fluid. Many people may be unaware of this STD. It is common and has affected over 3.7 million people in the united states.

The Causes of Trichomoniasis

You become infected by having intercourse with someone who has Trich since it is an STD. However, trichomoniasis can infect women who have sex with other women as well as heterosexual persons who have intercourse with each other.

It travels from the penis to the vagina or vice versa in heterosexual couples. It happens as a result of direct genital contact in same-sex relationships. Moreover, if you and your partner use or share sex toys, it is important to wash them properly. If they are not fully disinfected, this virus might spread.

Trich In A Man and Woman

It can be found in a man and woman. However, the infected areas are different. Urethea and prostate are the places that get attacked by Trich in a man’s body. As for women- their vulva, vagina, cervix, or urethra get infected. If you feel discomfort in these places, contact GetCareMD and get a trichomoniasis consultation online.

The Symptoms

According to research, the symptoms of this STD do not make themselves visible until a week or month has passed. That is what makes the spread of Trich so easy. It has been found out that up to 70% of people do not experience symptoms, but when they do, it’s too late, and the STD is already shared with someone else. As said, Trich shows itself differently in a man and woman. Get checked out if you notice any of these symptoms to stop the illness from spreading and causing further harm.

Here are the symptoms experienced. Trichomoniasis - Everything You Need To Know 2

Symptoms in Woman

1. The first symptom will be an unusually green or yellow-colored virulent release. Additionally, it will stink poorly and be thin.

2. A flaming sensation, itching, or redness around your vagina.

3. You may bleed after sex or experience pain during the activity.

4.  There may be pain during peeing or the urge to pee more than usual.

Symptoms in Men

1. Guys will experience stinging or irritation in their penis.

2. During peeing, having sex, or ejaculation, there may be pain or discomfort experienced.

3. The penis will release a thin layer of white fluid.

What Will Happen If Trich is Not Treated?

Negligence in failing to treat it can result in a variety of medical issues. Trich-affected pregnant ladies experience the most difficulties. If a woman has this STD while she is pregnant, delaying treatment may result in an early birth. The newborn infant will also be underweight, and there is a potential that the baby will contract the virus.

Things To Do for Preventing Trich

You can avoid catching this STD by having safe sex. Getting Trich or any STD does not mean you stop engaging in sexual activities. Use condoms when having safe sex to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Other steps include having a conversation with your partner before the activity. If it is a stranger, ask them if they have this disease or any STD. If you are married, it is beneficial for your good to get tests done for STDs.

Treatment For Trichomoniasis

GetCareMD treatment for the parasite includes examining every symptom and taking a complete history of patients, such as if they had this virus before and their sex history. We treat trichomoniasis by prescribing antibiotics to patients that kill the parasite present causing the infection.

Final Words

Trichomoniasis will cause discomfort, but with the treatment course of medicine, it can be cured. Trichomoniasis consultation online provided by GetCareMD offers convenient, efficient, and quick online check-ups. Remember, it can be prevented by taking safe measures while having sex- along with having open conversations about Trich or any other STD with your partner.

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