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Online Prescription Refills Appointments | Connect With a Doctor Today

If you are taking certain medicines on a regular basis, getting refills for them can be stressful and time-consuming. Commuting to your physician’s clinic, and waiting for hours just to get a refill can be burdensome. GetCareMD’s telemedicine services strive to eliminate this hassle. You can now order online prescription refills by booking an appointment with one of our board-certified specialists from your phone or computer.

Get in touch with our highly efficient and competent doctors today and get an online consultation prescription refill for yourself in just a few minutes. You just need to have the original prescription document with you at the time of the online consultation and your electronic prescription refill will be ready for pickup or delivery at the pharmacy of your choice within an hour.

How does it Work?

Fill out an online form stating your symptoms and the details of the medication you need the refill of. You will be able to talk to a doctor in just a few minutes who will provide you with an online consultation prescription. Note that the refill can only be provided if prescription medication has been provided by your pharmacy in the past six months.

The doctor will ask you a few questions about your condition and the medicine that you are using. You will also need a copy of your ID at the time of consultation. The physician will then send the online prescription refill to the pharmacy of your choice. If your medicine isn’t eligible for a refill, don’t worry. You are still able to get a fresh prescription by virtually consulting with one of our doctors. You can either pick up your medicine or get it delivered to your home if your pharmacy offers home delivery.

Online Prescription Refill Packages:

You can select from the following refill packages:

  •  General Medication Refills – 1 Month – $40.00
  •  General Medication Refills – 2 Months – $50.00
  •  General Medication Refills – 3 Months – $65.00

Best Online Doctor’s Prescription:

With the help of technology, GetCareMD is making it easy for people to get refills for their medicines. It is also revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing people with online consultations and prescriptions, thus enabling doctors to cater to the needs of more patients in less amount of time. Getting refills for your medicines has never been this stress-free. Just like an in-person doctor’s appointment, online doctors at GetCareMD review the medicine that you are using and authorize the refill for it. The medicine however should have been filled by your pharmacy in the past six months and you should still be in possession of the original prescription given to you by your previous physician. The refill packages are also affordable and let you get relief from your ailment at a price that doesn’t put a strain on your pocket. Head over to GetCareMD to get your medicine refilled or to book an appointment with our highly experienced healthcare experts.