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Antibiotics for Chlamydia –– Get Chlamydia Prescriptions Online

Online Consultation for Chlamydia: Antibiotics and Prescriptions at GetCareMD

Everyone is aware of chlamydia as it is a sexually transmitted disease. It is an STD that affects thousands of people worldwide who are sexually active. This disease is not transmitted by having sex with anyone; instead, by having erotic relations with an already infected person.

Discover the Evolution of Chlamydia Treatment: Online Chlamydia Prescription

Online Consultation For Chlamydia Treatment

However, as serious as it sounds, chlamydia can get remediable. By taking tablets, you can speed up the healing process and resume your normal level of activity in other areas of your life. Patients can get their prescriptions by physically going to a doctor or by choosing GetCareMD, an online medical consultation company providing. This article will discuss suitable medicines for chlamydia and the benefits of online consultations for treatment.

What Antibiotics Do You Get For Chlamydia?

Consulting with a doctor online can assist you get the therapy by sitting at home. GetCareMD adis patients with the best medical practitioners online for chlamydia treatment by prescribing chlamydia prescription online.

GetCareMD names cures for their patients that are approved by world health organizations such as the CDC and WHO. Following are the prescriptions that are widely used to tend to patients by GetCareMD.

Azithromycin: Azithromycin is the first antibiotic choice given to patients. This medicine should be taken as a single oral dose of 1 gram. Doxycycline: If someone is allergic to the first antibiotic, our second choice is to provide Doxycycline, which works the same way as the first choice medicine in treating chlamydia. That is a 100 mg tablet prescribed to be taken twice a day for a week or two.

Levofloxacin: Levofloxacin is another antibiotic treating many diseases, including chlamydia. By taking this, the growth of bacterial DNA gets stopped.

Things to Note During the Course

It is important to delete any form of sexual activity during treatment and for seven days after to avoid reinfection. Partners should also be tested and treated. If you take your antibiotics correctly, you may not need to re-test yourself and use the antibiotics again. The most important thing is to complete the course if your medicines get finished- GetCareMD’s chlamydia consultant online is available to prescribe your refills.

Traits of Chlamydia

Whether you are a male or a female, you will mostly see no indications of chlamydia. However, when you do, it will be different for a man and a woman. About 5–30% of women and only 10% of men develop symptoms of chlamydia.

Signs for Women?

1. Lower abdominal pain.

2. Pain during sex.

3. Discharge with an unpleasant odor and a strange color.

4.   You may bleed after the act.

5. It may be hard to pee due to a burning sensation.

Signs for Men?

1.   Males may have swollen testicles, and they will be sore.

2.   Penis discharge is odd.

3.   While peeing, burning and irritation could be felt.

How Does Chlamydia Happen?

Chlamydia occurs when you have intercourse with a person with this STD. The more people you are mobile with, the chances are high that you will contract chlamydia. For this to not occur from happening, have safe intercourse. Not only does using a condom discourage pregnancy but stops people from contracting chlamydia. Additionally, sharing an infected individual’s adult toys can potentially spread the germs within that person to another.

What Happens If It Is Left Untreated?

Chlamydia should not be ignored since it might cause more harm.

Untreated in women may be dangerous for expectant moms and may result in an inability to conceive children. Chronic pain and Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are further consequences. Inflammation of the testicles is a potential condition for males.

However, there are some consequences both genders will face, which is Arthritis.

It is crucial to get an examination and start treatment as soon as possible if you suspect that you may have the disease. If you feel uncomfortable or do not want anyone to know, online consultation for chlamydia is a safe way. GetCareMD’s platform is a secure online biomedical company and has been treating chlamydia online.

On-screen Check By GetCareMD

Online consultation for chlamydia treatment can be a convenient and efficient option for patients. It saves time and effort, as patients can get diagnosed and treated from their homes without having to visit a physician’s office. Hence, GetCareMD provides accurate and convenient online consultations for chlamydia. We strive to provide hassle-free services and efficient services for our patients!


In the end, you do not have to worry about STDs as there are antibiotics that kill the virus from inside your body. It is crucial to note that you should not self-diagnose chlamydia. Always consult with a healthcare provider, such as GetCareMd, before taking any medication. Our experts thoroughly assess the symptoms before recommending an appropriate antibiotic. With the right care, chlamydia may get entirely healed, and the difficulties brought on by the infection can get avoided.

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